Madrid is celebrating again the new edition for The Theater Night. The capital will be the perfect scenario for theater, dancings and poems, all over the region.

This Saturday, the best theater companies will open its door to the viewers with a several representations for free. This year, the main character will be the woman, playing a tribute of the most important women in the theater sphere.

Tomorrow, 25th March, in Puerta del Sol.



Taberna del Chato Cooking School experience

Taberna del Chato Cooking School is a great cooking school, where you can mix feelings with gastronomy. It is a place where you can live all type of gastronomy experiences for groups between 15 to 25 people. Here you can learn, cook, eat and drink.
What is more, Taberna del Chato Cooking School has great facilities where you can celebrate your events, birthdays parties, Team Building, presentation, tasting and workshops.
Definitely a great space located in the heart of the city where you can learn and enjoy gastronomy accompanied by your friends.

Thursday 27th, Random Party by J&B Madrid with MENEO DJ

This Thursday 27th, Samsara is celebrating one of the coolest party of this Autumn: Random Party by J&B Madrid, with the fabulous Dj, Meneo. 

Currently, Meneo Dj is one of the most relevant dj in the world. He is the creator of the brand new musical style called “electropical” and co-founder of MicroBCN, a group that creates lo-fi music through gameboys, video games and obsolete computers. Thanks to the internet, he’s been playing around 50 concerts per year, sharing stage with artists such as Kavinski, Crystal Castles, Bonde do Role, Digitalism, Dat Politics and Diplo.

If you want to be part of this huge event, buy your tickets now or at the entrance in Samsara.

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday 27th in Samsara, de la Cruz Street n 7, with the best latin rhythms and the best J&B.

See you there!


Garcia Madrid’s anniversary

It is GARCIA MADRID‘s birthday. It is already ten years ago since they opened the first store in the city center of Madrid. How they will celebrate? There will be an exhibition of his most iconic pieces at Hotel ME Madrid from 12nd to 24th September. You can visit it whenever you want because it is opened to the public all day. It is the first time that the signing showed his works to the public. We are sure about that you will love it!



Enjoy of Día de las Ranas at El Barrio de las Letras

On Saturday October 1 , El Barrio de las Letras becomes #unbarriodecine . It comes Día de las Ranas . No, it has nothing to do with the amphibian, it is a cinema festival which lets you to do whatever you want. We will give you some examples.

1 – Take selfies in a set of most famous movies scenes.


2 – Dancing to the rhytm of your favourite soundtracks.


3 – Good news for fans of the Star Wars saga because there will be a show of the film!


4 – Pig out with “tapas” inspired by the great classics of cinema.


5- And much More … . You have to come to discover it!


Free wifi in any MadridEnjoy club

Do you want to upload a photo in your soccial media but you dont have mobile data? You need to send that photo of your great night to your friends but you got no connection? Dont worry, you can enjoy Madridenjoy advantages.

Samsara: Cruz’s street, 7. From 23:00 to 06:00 h.

La Cartuja: Cruz’s street, 10. From 23:00 to 06:00 h.

Manama: Barcelona’s street, 14. From 23:00 to 06:00 h.

The Paradise Factory in Samsara, La Cartuja and Manama

Enjoy the best rum with the best company. This Friday the 15th July SamsaraLa Cartuja and Manama make you discover the paradise factory with Ron Brugal.

With every drink of Brugal, you will have a secure prize, like handbags, 360º VR Glasses, T-shirts, sunglasses or cinema tickets.

No es normal es Brugal

Samsara: Cruz’s street, 7. From 23:00 to 06:00 h.

La Cartuja: Cruz’s street, 10. From 23:00 to 06:00 h.

Manama: Barcelona’s street, 14. From 23:00 to 06:00 h.

fiesta brugal HORIZ rrss

Transform the night

Samsara, La Cartuja and Manama are prepared for this friday the 8th thanks to Licor 43.

Take the best summer kit by ordering a Licor 43 drink: t-shirts, selfie sticks, the coolest sunglasses or colorful backpacks. You just have to participate in a fun card game, risk and win the accesories! The hostesses have 2 kits with 37 gifts each one, a total of 74 gifts!

You will also have the photo of the night, put the best face on photocall because it will be printed in the moment. How cool!

Will you transform the night?

Samsara: Calle de la Cruz, 7.  11 pm-06 am

La Cartuja: Calle de la Cruz, 10. 11 pm-06 am

Manama: Calle Barcelona, 14. 11 pm-06 am



Summer cinema in the House Museum in the Lope de Vega

House Museum Lope de Vega organizes again summer movies, dedicated to the 4th centenary of Miguel de Cervantes passing, where his life and books will be the main stars of the films and documentaries in their gardens.

Its aimed for people over 18 years old and this summer movies will happen in Wednesday and Thursday of every week of july at 22:00pm