Thursday 27th, Random Party by J&B Madrid with MENEO DJ

This Thursday 27th, Samsara is celebrating one of the coolest party of this Autumn: Random Party by J&B Madrid, with the fabulous Dj, Meneo. 

Currently, Meneo Dj is one of the most relevant dj in the world. He is the creator of the brand new musical style called “electropical” and co-founder of MicroBCN, a group that creates lo-fi music through gameboys, video games and obsolete computers. Thanks to the internet, he’s been playing around 50 concerts per year, sharing stage with artists such as Kavinski, Crystal Castles, Bonde do Role, Digitalism, Dat Politics and Diplo.

If you want to be part of this huge event, buy your tickets now or at the entrance in Samsara.

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday 27th in Samsara, de la Cruz Street n 7, with the best latin rhythms and the best J&B.

See you there!


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